Thursday, October 16, 2014


I have been absent from this blog fairly much since the coming of our first grandchild, Abigail, who has lived with us off and on for over three years now.  She has been joined by her little cousin, Samuel, who has also lived with us off and on for the past couple of years.  These have been here, of course, with their requisite, respective adults. Long stories, best shared in increments, at some other time.

I will, by God's grace, attempt to revive this blog, seeing as I am down to four people in the home right now, all of whom have been raised already.  I have wanted to write several times, but left the drafts unfinished, due to a kind of melancholy over certain events in the last few years, but will, for Sarah's sake, make a brave new beginning.

Sarah, I remember you well, and got a lot out of your comments.  In fact, weirdly enough, I was thinking of you the other day, and so am delighted that you stopped by.  Thank you, that by taking the time to leave yet another encouraging comment, you have inspired me to start again.

God bless you!

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