Saturday, April 14, 2012


Thank you, Hillary Rosen, for motivating me to start writing for my blog again.  Ms. Rosen is a Democratic strategist who commented last night on CNN that since Ann Romney never worked a day in her life, she and her wealthy husband were probably too out of touch with the American people to effectively lead.  As a stay at home wife, mother of five, grandmother, and a breast cancer survivor now stricken with MS, Mrs. Romney still has no value in the eyes of the feminists and those who kow-tow to them, it seems.  I think that Ann Romney, through her family life and health problems, has probably garnered much life experience, wisdom and understanding, and is most likely just the kind of role model that young women need right now.  And I believe it is time for those of us who live a traditional lifestyle to stop questioning our own value.  I don't need a paycheck to know I exist and am contributing to the betterment of the world.

As such, I would like to openly address the feminists, social engineers, and other elites on this subject.  I do not apologize for making my life's work the care and guarding of my home, nor for being my husband's helpmeet, nor for being the nurturer of my children and grandchild and a continued presence in their lives.  I am insignificant in the eyes of the world, and rejoice to be the "hidden woman", for I am free and in charge of my time and my work.  In fact, I no longer believe you oppose women like me because you think we are a worthless drag on society, but on some level you understand that we have great influence and it makes you uncomfortable.  We are the ones who have the time and vision to raise up the "ancient walls", and will not delegate our sacred duty to hirelings.

My free choice as a woman to live my life according to biblical principles is the one choice you will not tolerate.  In fact, your support of "choice" for women seems to be limited to the choice to abort babies and to get behind the plow like any good Soviet woman would have.  For years, we have kept silent while all that is good and wholesome has been denigrated and trampled into the ground.  Those of us who would like to continue to live our lives according to the values inherent in the Judeo-Christian worldview were first shamed and laughed into derision, and lately treated as the enemy of society.  I am aghast at how intolerant the elite have become.  Its so hypocritical.

Ann Romney is a brave woman and I applaud her for her choice to stay home. If she is wealthy, then God bless her, but I am sure she endured the weariness, heartache, doubts and hard work that are common to all mothers.  She seems to have raised a fine family of responsible adults, and her husband clearly adores her.
She has not allowed her health issues to get the better of her, and that takes courage and tenacity on her part.

As a stay at home wife and mother of five who is now raising an infant granddaughter, I am not wealthy, but I find I am working too long and hard to go out and pursue a career. If I ever get done here, or am not needed by my family, I will go see what's out there!   So far, I have a lot of job security right here at home.  I am, however, neither vapid, bored, nor boring. I am not "out of touch" with real life. Economics, for example, is a very palpable, tangible subject for me.  I abhor paying interest, so I have made a very deliberate and diligent effort to stay out of debt, with a "use it up, wear it out, make it over or do without" mentality, and it has been a very lucrative endeavor, I can assure you. We have maintained a good standard of living, even though my husband has been disabled for over six years now.  

Tonight I have a bone broth simmering on the stove, using the bones from a turkey I made this week.  I had served it with homemade stuffing, fluffy mashed potatoes, gravy,  green peas and a green salad with homemade vinagrette dressing, mmm, Hilary, you should have been there. Or for Easter where 12 us dined on manicotti made from scratch from my mother's recipe, followed by ham with all the sides, Italian Easter bread and ricotta cheesecake.  I had shopped for the best prices, wore last year's dress covered by an apron, and thoroughly enjoyed the day. We trust our guests left with full stomachs after a very enjoyable time of feasting and fellowship.  They seemed quite happy, at least!

I am an American woman, educated, informed, hard-working, and I vote. I may have no value in the eyes of many, but I am queen of my life. No paycheck, but right now my fragrant heirloom rosebushes are all in bloom!  Tomorrow, with God's help, I plan to head out to the fields and pick a nice juicy batch of early strawberries for us to enjoy over the weekend.  I feel very rich and free.

Is that why you are so unhappy with me?


  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Oct 16,2014...just read your comment on todays post Lady Lydia did on her Homeliving blog. I remembered your name and remembered how I liked to read what you wrote before. I clicked on your name and got the information to come here. I am glad I can come here. Although your post here is old now I wanted to tell you I appreciate you too. Lady Lydia was right...this is wonderful post!! You write beautifully and I agree with what you said. Sarah


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