Friday, August 10, 2007

Welcome Home to a Late Summer's Day

This is our home right now and I am trying to capture it in each season. Season's here in southern Virginia aren't as pronounced as in some areas of the country, so we try to make the most out of the subtleties. I have little pink roses and morning glories blooming right now. Here is the house and front yard from different angles.


We live one house from the end of the street. There is a small field at the end of the street which the farmer has planted with corn. Here is our view looking down the street from our house.

I'm sorry, but I just love cornfields! So here are two close-ups!

The view from our house looking up the other way. Note the lovely crape myrtles which line our street.

We are blessed this year to have grown some nice vegetables, and God sent us the gift of several canteloupes which no one seems to have remembered planting. Here is a couple of pics of recently picked bounty, along with a couple of curious cats. Yes, it is not right to let cats walk all over one's dining room table, but...

These photos were taken yesterday by my good buddy and sis-in-law, Sharon, who is visiting from New York. Thanks, Sharon!!!