Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have not had the time, nor frame of mind to write lately. As some of  you know, each spring I leave the confines of the castle, cross the moat and go to a seasonal job scoring essay portions of standardized tests given to young folks. Though I've been on a break for the last week or so, I have been very busy at home with spring chores and working outside.

Cleaning out garden beds, planting, trimming and related activities have joined the usual tasks of housework, shopping, cooking, baking, keeping the peace, starting some trouble myself, dealing with the aftermath of that, church, cleaning the church, choir, talking to teachers about progress reports, or the lack of progress, and being a listening ear to troubled family members and friends. Its usually me bothering them, so its only fair to take my turn now. Oh yes, and there was a medical emergency in the family last week. Almost forgot that one, and praise God, it turned out well. And a birthday dinner for 12 the other night.

I confess I have been doing a little reading, a little research, and watching a few detective shows. I was a detective once, and will always be nosy, but its safer to watch other, more attractive people solve mysteries on tv these days.

So its back to work scoring schoolwork this morning, to get a little rest. We have had plenty of rain lately so our gardens are looking really good, thank God, so I guess I can tear myself away from them for a few hours and go earn some money. I certainly have spent enough lately.

Have I expressed lately how much I love this life I have fashioned? I feel like I have won the lottery this morning. We are together, stuff is pretty much paid for, and birds are singing outside. Have a good day y'all.