Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had been very grumpy today, whining and complaining about how I wanted to start being a little selfish, and do some of the same things I see other people doing. Especially people who are my age, not to mention the majority of younger folks. Things like, go on trips, buy jewelry, get manicures and pedicures and the like.  But after I had spouted off about all that, I felt bad inside.  Because I know that I would have to sweep my young adults, my father-in-law, and the animals out of my life in order to do all those things. And then we could downsize. And stare at each other and the four walls.  Or I could go out there and get a career! 

Wow, what was I thinking??  None of that appeals to me. Especially getting rid of everybody. True, I do want my children to become productive members of society with their own families, and while they are here at home, to help out more and make better choices, but do I want to boot them out onto the sidewalk? No, I really do not. And Grandpa. He is doing very well physically now, but he does not wish to return to his home in another state, because he will be terribly lonely. Do I want to pack him off to stay by himself and be lonely? No, I do not.

And these no-account animals. Do I wish that I would not have to step in hairball throw-up when I come downstairs in the morning, nor have the silly dog run in from the backyard and proceed to track mud all over the house? Of course I would. And I would not like to have to pay so much to keep them. But they are part of the family, and they bring us joy and entertainment, and I would never want something bad to happen to them, just so that I can lessen my work, or go get my hair done professionally. 

In fact tonight I thought the little one (kitty cat) had somehow gotten outside and was lost. This is when my ungrateful attitude came back to haunt me.  I began to pray earnestly that I would find her, and after about 20 minutes of looking high and low, inside and out, I realized that she was curled up on one of the kitchen chairs, obscured by the table cloth. Oh, I was so happy and thankful. And that led me to be thankful for my husband and children, the rest of the family, my home and all the good things in my life. And thankful for all of the bad things that have not happened to us.

Tomorrow is our youngest child's confirmation day. I am so grateful that he and the others have been brought up in the Lord. I am also so very thankful to our Lord for giving me Himself, that I might live forever with Him, and that I might continue to share the good news of Christ's love for us all.  

So may we all lay our heads down on our pillows tonight, counting our myriad and marvelous blessings, and bask in the contentment of knowing that "all things work together for good, to them that love God, and are called according to His purpose.


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    That bible verse at the end of your post is one of my favorites. It always brings me great comfort, and reminds me to be thankful. Thanks for all of the encouraging posts.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Rosemary. God is in control, as that verse reminds us, for sure.

  3. Congratulations to your son for his confirmation. You must be so pleased!

  4. Thanks Jenny. It was a beautiful day; 75 young people were confirmed. Is this the Jenny who was received into the Church on Easter?

  5. Yes, this is the Jenny. Every morning and night (and several times throughout the day) I find myself with a smile on my face in wonder that I'm now a Catholic and have finally found my way home.

    Wow! Seventy-five young people. The numbers in Catholic churches amaze me. I guess that is what happens when a flock is not dispersed over many denominations. I grew up in a very small Presbyterian church which at it's largest had about 50 people (children and adults) in attendance on a Sunday. The town I live in now has two parishes. I attend the smaller one nearer to where I live and there are at least 500 registered families. Each of the 4 Sunday masses are well attended. The larger parish has at least 2000 if not more.

  6. Yes, the numbers are staggering. We have 2500 families registered in our parish. But I am so thrilled you have completed your candidacy and are now a full member. As you might know, I was raised Catholic but left at 20 years old and didn't return for many years. But I have been back about 5 and a half years now and I have never regretted it and feel such joy every time I attend Mass. Hard to explain, except, like you said, I know I am home and there is nothing like it!


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