Friday, March 26, 2010


I seem to always lose my bearings when things in the larger world upset me. It is one thing to be gravely concerned about the future of society and one's family, but quite another to be consumed by those concerns.
We are better off getting to work and praying about the larger things as we go about our day, as our hands and hearts continue to make life sweet in our private world.

God alone is in control and He uses the choices man makes in his free will to effect His all-encompassing plan. Better to get going in the morning and to sing a song than rant and rave on the Internet or in front of the television.

My goal is to be so tired at night from hard work and my daily interactions with others that I can fall, happily exhausted into bed, knowing I've done my best, and if not, asking God's forgiveness and the chance to begin anew next morning.

Perhaps we should just get busy today, with productive things, and doing it all with love. Concentrate on our own sphere of influence, and implore God to use His.


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM


    I saw a slogan the other day, "Stay calm and carry on".

    No matter what is on the tv we still have to bathe, eat, wash dishes and clothes, care for our babies and children, etc.

    It seems that people do the opposite these days, "freak out and rant and rave"!!! - and guess what, that accomplishes nothing.

    I just love your writing, it is so full of common sense and great insights. Thank you!
    ~Karen from Canada

  2. Yes. Absolutely yes! No preschool today so no coming and going. I've spent a delightfully peaceful morning baking a loaf of bread and preparing a homemade minestrone for Stations of the Cross tonight. After my coffee break, I'll get a pizza crust going for my husband and son and commence ironing. There is nothing like being peacefully productive to soothe the mind and soul.

    I once went an entire month with no television, internet, or paper news. No news at all, except what my husband mentioned at the supper table. At the end of the month I felt brand new. Nothing quite so major was going on then, but I think I may do it again. If my husband thinks we need to do something regarding something in the news, he'll let me know. Otherwise, I'll just continue to have little moments of bitterness in my day about things I really can't do anything about, other than pray.

    I had already decided to give it up for Holy Week, but maybe I'll prolong it.

  3. Karen, thank you for your kind words, and that is a great slogan - if I may, I might try to incorporate that into my blog somewhere near the top.

    Jenny, it looks like your place is the place for supper tonight! Sounds good, and yes, fasting from news and the outside world (as much as possible) will be an excellent way to observe Holy Week.

  4. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Emmarinda - I googled it, it's actually "keep" calm, not "stay" calm, lol! It was a British government WWII slogan, which I believe is now in the public domain. Here is the link:

    Jenny, thank you for sharing about your media "fast". I look forward to trying this myself.


  5. Anonymous8:25 PM

    The last 2 posts are wonderful, and very encouraging. Just what I'm always needing! Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Karen, I will look up the reference; thanks.

    Rosemary, thanks for stopping by, blessings to you, too.

  7. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Such a fine post....thank you for your musings! I, too, have felt myself experiencing a measure of turmoil recently, & I don't like the feeling! I am always on a more even keel when I simply get to work & DO. It helps me, also, to remember Philippians 4:8, where we are encouraged to ponder "whatever is true, whatever is honorable", & so forth. It's comforting & calming.


  8. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Great post. Well said.
    I don't know fully what is happening in your country but I am aware that a lot of people are not happy about it.

    God bless,

  9. That, dear Sonya, is an understatement.

  10. Anonymous12:34 AM

    I know what you mean Emmarinda. The country and world are still muddling along but in our homes peace can reign supreme. God is still in chage and he designed the family. Keeping to our routines and keeping our homes humming along is so soothing to the whole family. The home is our refuge and a place we can recharge. Also a place for the family members who have to go out into the world to decompress and free themselfs from all the turbulent things they find out in he world. I feel so bless to not have to be out in it often. We cannot hide from the world changing in ways we never thought it ever could. A world where what we know is wrong is said now to be right. At times we have to be out there to vote or care for those hurt by it but thankfully God has provided us with the safe haven of our homes to return to. Sarah


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