Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It is Springtime, and the promise of new life begins to unfold. In times when you are discouraged, and things just aren't going your way, or your country is being taken over by a bunch of little girls, you need to press on and do something constructive. Like plan and plant a garden.

There is something so satisfying about digging in the soil, and feeling earth in your bare hands. I find that it makes me literally feel grounded again (of course) and revives my weary soul. It is part of the health care plan that God gave us, and what could be better than growing at least some of our food ourselves, and gaining just a teeny bit of independence is so doing?  Or do these people know better than we do?

You know, there are people who are issuing edicts about what, since they are taking control of us, we should eat and what we should do to remain healthy, so that we can better fit into their plans for us. Some of these people smoke cigarettes or wear polyester pantsuits and get way too much plastic surgery, but they know better than we do about how we should live. As usual, it is "Do as I say, not as I do". Its a shame that they do not worry about the health of the unborn who are slaughtered in their mothers wombs in America, but that is how crazy their thinking is. They compared what they did to the Civil Rights movement. What a farce.

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!", says Isaiah 5:20.

God defend us from this monstrous regiment of women!

Well, I propose that we take matters into our own hands, and try to live in healthy ways, so that we can stay out, as much as God wills, of their government system (that and vote them out next time). So if you live up north right now, go out and plant some peas, parsley and start some brassica seeds (things like cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts) indoors. Those of us in the mid-zones can be sowing lettuce, herbs and many other things directly into the soil right now, and if you are in the deep south and pacific west, well then good for you, because the planting world is wide open.

And find out what edible things grow naturally in your area, and start foraging. I particularly love to do this, but then I am nothing if not a bit eccentric. I come by it naturally from my father, who loved to forage for greens, berries, mushrooms, nuts and fruits from abandoned orchards. One time, I saw these Polish ladies picking crab apples from landscape trees outside a restaurant in a shopping center. So guess what? I got in there too, and afterwards made delicious jelly from my stash. If you decide to forage, you probably want to pick from plants and trees that are over 20 feet away from the road because of contamination from car exhaust, but you can still find plenty of landscape trees and abandoned or wild growing plants that fit that bill.

The natural thing is to also plant perennial edibles that are indigenous to your area as they will be the healthiest and hardiest. Do a little research and find out what grows well and/or is native to your area, and get going with that.

Not everybody wants to forage, however, and lots of people do not have much or any land to plant on. You can look into square foot gardening, wherein you amend the soil (which we need to do anyway) to make it really rich so you can grow a lot in a little space. People in apartments can put things out in pots on the balconies or in the windows.

I also love to go to the "pick your own" farms and well, pick my own. It is fresh and cheaper than what you can buy in the stores. It is healthy to be out in the sunshine and fresh air, too.

Nancy Pelosi (groan) says that now that this massive takeover has been effected and we are on our way, via financial ruin and moral disintegration, to the trash heap of history, we can (be made to) focus on diet rather than diabetes and other drivel ad nauseam. Yes, well, we don't need Nancy to run that for us, do we? Whatever we can do for ourselves, we should do. I think we will be better fed, healthier, and more fulfilled by doing what we can for ourselves.

Awhile back, I wrote down some rules for myself. When I obey my self-made rules, I am a lot happier and things work out better for me. I will end today's post with them, and wish you a long, healthy and independent life!

Rise Early
Pray without Ceasing
Nourish yourself and others with wholesome food and drink
Practice the Presence
Work like a peasant
Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine
Make time for silence and solitude
Go to Bed Early
Be ever thankful



  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Hello Emmarinda....just over here from Lady Lydia's blog, & I must say that your comments & insights (relating to her post) were just as wonderful & incisive as the post itself! :o)

    I can definitely relate to your disapproval of the increase in federal intervention (intrusion!) in our lives. Common sense has been thrown completely out the window, & replaced by a twisted view of how we should be able to run our lives, ourselves. I said to my family recently that before we know it, it will be illegal to cook in one's own home, or perhaps a special license will be required to do it, & proof offered that only approved foods are being prepared there!

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop by & say "hi". I'm going to have a look at your recent posts. I see you have something on Lenten meals that I want to read.

    most sinderely,

  2. Wonderful, wonderful post! You really have a way with words. This is exactly what I needed to hear, and I thank you so much posting it. Here in Colorado we've been going back and forth between lovely warm weather and snowstorms. Just today we woke up to 6 inches! The mint that I transplanted last year is alive and well and hardy enough to make it through this changeable time of year. What a delight it was to see it and to know that I wouldn't have to buy mint this year.

    We have a little suburban yard that my husband tends faithfully, and I've tried coaxing a few square feet from him, but he sees my plan as a waste of a perfectly beautiful yard. Besides, what would the neighbors think? This is all good natured banter between us, but the country girl in me cries out for the feel of earth under my nails, the blessed tiredness from weeding, and the thrill of picking tomatoes and squash in the morning and having them with lunch. More than my feelings, though, I wonder about our little boy who'll never know what it's like. All I can offer him is a pot or two of tomatoes and a potted herb garden, some flowers here and there, and at least our patch of mint (which I convinced my husband would look like an ornamental landscape planting of sorts!).

    Your post was so uplifting regarding the state of things politically. I've firmly resolved that I cannot let what is going on bother me, especially not mentally. As a matter of fact, the thought of even higher taxes is a motivation to be even more frugal, lest the burden become so great that I'll need to find paying work. I'm doing the best I can to be a cheerful, happy, and competent housewife whose labors of love are invaluable to her family and society.

    Keep up the good work! By the way, I tried your Pasta Fagioli recipe and it was a hit. My husband and little boy had three bowls each!

  3. Dear Brenda and Jenny, thanks for commenting. The pasta e fagioli is a bit addicting, I will say. And cheap, and that is what makes it a double blessing! I have to post about what I made tonight, that was also hard to STOP eating, but I'm in a rush to get to choir practice. And yes, right now I am blessedly exhausted from working outside today. Hardly a better feeling exists though. I will pray that your husband has a revelation about why it would be so good for y'all to garden, as God has a way of changing people's hearts when its His will. Have a wonderful night, ladies.

  4. Anonymous11:14 PM

    I do want to encourage you in the realm of vegetable gardening, Jenny. It's so satisfying! It sounds as though you're doing what you can. And I'm with you on tucking things here & there in the flower beds. Last year I had good luck with a couple pepper plants, a tomato plant, & some random herbs too. All these things blended so nicely with my flowers...they really didn't seem odd or upsetting to the entire look of the beds.


  5. Sorry for not posting Brenda's very helpful comments sooner; I was away from my computer all day. Another thought I had was that in many cities, folks have these community gardens. You just go to the communal garden and tend your own plot. I don't know if you buy into them or what, but that might be an alternative for you, Jenny.

  6. Anonymous1:02 AM

    I fully agree. It does though make me sad to think of how far down our wonderful country has gone. It must grieve God. He has blessed us so abundently. Yes we must keep our eyes on Him. Being outside in the gardens every day and seeing and listening to the birds sure does renew us doesn't it. The food is good too!! Thinking about the people in Washington that should be looking out for us but cannot even keep their wits together only raises our blood pressure. Again another thought provoking right on the money post! Sarah


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