Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, Missouri George Caleb Bingham (American, 1811–1879). The County Election, 1852. Oil on canvas. 38 x 52 in. (96.5 x 132.1 cm). Gift of Bank of America.


We have arrived at the day each year when it is our solemn duty and sovereign right to choose those who would represent us in government. May we have God's ear as we pray that our choices may be just and prudent. May we have His mercy if they aren't.

Election Day also calls for us to fly the flag, so fly it proudly.

Here in Virginia, the national media is making no small to-do about our race for governor. It it supposed to be a litmus test for Obama's popularity. Since Virginia went democrat in the last gubernatorial and presidential election, contrary to its typical rock-rib Republican stance, it seems to be a stereotypical feather in, well, one of those hats.

So the conventional thinking suggests that a return to republican leadership in the Commonwealth equals a rejection of Obama and his policies. I really don't think so, and I hope I am right, because I like to think that Virginians have a little more depth to their thinking than that. The seeming (and we shall find out when the polls close) lead for the republican candidate is coming from our having taken the measure of each man, as best we can. And our feeling that McDonnell is more competent to run the state than Deeds. I think their policy objectives run parallel to each other in many instances, so it isn't even a question of liberal versus conservative. Its just that McDonnell seems more confident and professional than Deeds.

If McDonnell does win, then may he have deserved it, I pray. May he be an honorable gentleman to Lady Virginia and a cautious conservator of her wealth.

What happens in the rest of the country, especially in the case of the U.S. House races, is more important, in my view, for our country has been undergoing extreme changes, and these folks are key players in that change.

I have an old U.S. Flag with only 48 states on it. It is our nation's most enduring flag, having flown from 1912 to 1959. Both World Wars were fought and bled for, under its reign. I contend it was the last flag to fly under a truly free America.

No disrespect intended towards Alaska and Hawaii, but I may start flying it, as it represents for me all that has been lost since it once was the flag of the land, and all that is being destroyed right now.

Mater dolorosa, ora pro nobis.

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