Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Frozen poet stream dammed up
turgid stricken broken cup

Logjam on a frozen river
Spring alas, has been detained
waiting for the proper moment
joy and sorrow yet contained

Prisoned thoughts that vainly wait
lost in shadow turn to dust
fears attack the heart's desire
strike my golden words to rust

Let me speak the fragrant roses
blowing beauty through the mist
taste the salt air I have tasted
may my words your senses kiss

Time to break free, time to offer
Grace that overwhelms me yet
for the sake of Love attempt it
quit my fears without regret

Frozen poet, winter's passing
Warmth returns to pallored cheek
Wakes the muse from hibernation
Bids her world of words to speak

Shout the colors, greet the harvest
play my hand as I might best

By Gail Aggen
Copyright 2008

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