Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My baby, Maria. And now, for the older, well-seasoned model......................................................................

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE TO GO ON THE INTERNET.......................................................................I'M BACK!!

So, here I am, back at my writing upon finding out that one or two people actually read my blog!!!!!!!!!!

I just think that its time I wrote something, anything, that might cheer someone (me?) up. Maria sure is beautiful, God bless her, but she has her own MySpace and can spout off on it if she wants, so we'll leave her to it. I had asked son Michael to create a MySpace page for me, in order that I might plumb the cyber-universe of my children and all young people, and therefore, ruin their MySpace experience forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least that is what they say will happen. So he's moving kinda slow on that request.

Actually, I am trying to distract myself from the upcoming election. The choice we have, as I see it, is between lending your brand new car to your sixteen year old or to your grandpa, (the one who really should have turned in his license a couple of years ago). My analogy extends beyond the age thing, I hope you realize. I don't think either of them can be trusted to find the right road for this country and to keep her on it, steady and sure. They continually seem to be looking at the map named "Political Expediency". Their campaign promises are nebulous roads to nowhere. There is a large, red X on this map, just a hair right of the center, which reads "where most of America lives", and so they each seem to be driving toward it in their rhetoric, heading for a collision, I think. Whoever thought car wrecks could be so boring? Most distressingly, we'll all be along for the ride, tied up in the trunk and hoping for the best, as it were, for the next four years.

Personally, I think the answer for America, both corporately and as individuals, is pretty simple. Here is my list:

Rise up early.
Pray without ceasing.
Practice the Presence.
Nourish yourself and others.
Live in forgiveness.
Work like a peasant.
Spend time outdoors every day.
Drink lots of good water.
Stay in the Word.
Pay your bills and live within your means.
Go to bed early.

That's my solution, but of course I can't force it on anybody because, "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS" applies to me, first and foremost. But I just thought I'd suggest a little food for thought, you know, to take with us as we set off on our next road trip.


  1. Marcie9:11 PM

    Im really excited I found this blog of yours Gull! I cant wait to read-on!!!

    Love and miss you, Marcie

  2. Well, that's really kind of you, Marcie! Looking forward to seeing y'all next week or so.


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