Friday, June 10, 2011


These are last year's petunias but a couple have volunteered themselves again.

Tonight my yellow roses are blooming along with the magenta ones and of course, my heirloom Souvenir de la Malmaison, reputed to have grown in the garden of Napoleon's wife, the Empress Josephine.  These fragrances are mixed with the honeysuckle and jasmine which are climbing over the fence.  All of these delicious perfumes waft together atop the earthy foundation of grass, bush and tree.  Summer down South is a heady, languid time.

I have not been at my writing in some time, owing to work outside the home, painting and redo-ing in my home and the birth of our first granddaughter, a little rosebud angel named Abigail.  She was born on June 1st, the official beginning of meteorological summer.

I am far too tired this evening to get fancy with posting pictures, but it is my fervent hope that I can get back to all of that soon.  I hope all my fellow defenders of hearth and home are still out there, fighting the good fight.  I love all the brave ladies who are my kindred spirits on the Internet, unafraid to live the life that God has called them to.  We can save our way of life, one person, one family at a time.  Don't allow anyone to tell you differently.
I hope and pray that everyone will have a blessed weekend and great time of worship. Hope to write again soon.


  1. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Many congratulations to your family on the arrival of little Abigail! Do you get to see her often? I hope Mama & Papa live close by!

    I appreciate the encouragement you offered to us homemakers. I try to think the same way you do: one person at a time, one family at a time. It is a blessing that we do what we do....& the fact that we have a Biblical mandate should give us confidence in our work! :o)


  2. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Congratulations! Those little bundles change outlives forever! :) Thank you again for keeping us pointed to our Father and His words that we as homemakers should live by. Sarah

  3. How nice to see you back! I've missed your posts. Thank you for sharing the wonderful news of the birth of your first grandchild. I'm so happy for you.


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