Thursday, September 30, 2010


We are in the middle of a deluge of rain from two different systems which came one right after another. It was warm, weird and very wet out today. I snapped these two pics last night before I snapped up a plateful of goodness, so here they are.

Sweet red peppers with Italian bread and anchovy stuffing

The typical salad served at my house several times a week.

I hope everyone is safe and dry this evening, as we say good-bye to September - already!! I can scarcely believe it.


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Sure looks good! :) If you have time and they are not family secrets maybe you could post some of your familie's recipes. I know they are authentic Italian recipes. Growing up around so many beautiful Italian families it makes me homesick to read of your dinners!! :) I will admit though I am not sure about the anchovies! We are also on a very low salt diet. We have had out of season rains too.. Sarah

  2. Anonymous1:23 AM

    I have just read a beautiful book that included discriptions of the seasons in the Catholic church and the church traditions. Although it was built into a story it was so informative. I remember what you said quite a while back about the Catholic church always staying the same in focus etc. I learned a lot from that post too. Thank you Emmeranda for sharing your faith. I look forward to whatever you post. Sarah


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