Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Also, I do not recognize any of the homes in which said photos were taken. Not my house, nor the homes of any of my friends. Thank God, again. Why am I posting this picture? I really do not know, except that staying up too late is conducive to posting dubious stuff on the Internet.

But let's examine what is going on here a bit, because it is interesting. Firstly, we can assume that someone, or ones who have access to my computer, was at this party (and many others, judging by the many happy group shots I find interspersed with pictures of my garden or my applesauce, or images of fine art I have pilfered from Allposters.com).

So yes, obviously there are young people of my very close acquaintance who like to indulge in this kind of behavior. Perhaps I shouldn't be admitting this to the outside world. I don't care, I am outing them officially, right here on my ladies' blog. And revealing something of my life as well. You had to know it was not all pickles.

Here is the pathetic part: just look at the bright, young faces, full of joy and camaraderie and Budweiser beer.
It seems these are the only times they feel truly alive and happy.  Because, trust me, most of the time when I see young people, they just look kind of dull and uncomfortable. Bored. Sad. Surly. What is so unnatural about life today that makes most people, not just young ones, so downright miserable with reality that they cannot stand to be in it?

Weirder still, is the way they still all look so fresh and innocent.  It is as if they are saying, "Hey, look at us! Isn't it great??  We all just finished playing tag and having our milk and cookies, and now its time to risk arrest and a car accident!!  In truth, it wasn't that long ago that they were big fans of Sponge Bob and pajamas with feet. 

And they look this way, because in a sense, they are still innocent, at least of the knowledge of the long term effects of  their decisions, made in careless youth.

But as the saying goes, "Sin in haste, repent in leisure".

I am really hoping that kids are just going through a phase and they will find their balance and go on to live productive, meaningful lives. Am I taking these pictures too seriously? I happen to know that some of the people who read this blog will think so, and some will be absolutely appalled, at them and also at me, for writing about this calmly and not going absolutely berserk on my young people. Well, I have. It helped some.

Some things I cannot prevent so I must detach where that is appropriate, and suffer where it is not. But I can make sure that my refrigerator continues to stay out of the party pictures, and in fact, I can keep the pictures off my computer, though I cannot keep revelers out of my heart. So I will continue to admonish, set firm boundaries, and pray for them. Please pray for them, too, and for me.


  1. I am really sorry I did not see this post when it first was published, because the subject is one I have also puzzled over: why do they look so innocent when they have totally lost their innocence? When I was young if I even had bad thoughts about anything, I felt terribly guilty and looked it. Today people can sure fool you, especially the young, who have the perfect faces and lovely clothes and everything they could want. It is not as it seems!

  2. Lydia, to some extent I think they are amoral - just innocent of right and wrong because of the world they live in, but even so, you would think natural law would kick in on some level, a la Romans 1.


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