Sunday, June 13, 2010

In the beginning...

Here is a shot of some of the things I have growing in the backyard. I am going to put in some more corn in that nearest row, where the first batch didn't come up so well. I need to take that straw from last year and break it up to mulch around the plants.

Hoping to get some more pics of the roses and flower beds, and also the vegetables as they, Lord willing, grow and progress their way to the table. I am using my basil, oregano, parsley and mint right now, and expect I might harvest some zucchini and cukes in the near future.

Sometimes the plants that show so much promise, that seem to do so well at first, meet with (natural) disaster, or else, as used to be the case quite often, my husband mows them down (on accident, I'm told). Hence, the fencing around everything. There to keep the dog and cats out (I tell him).

People are like plants. The flash and dazzle type are often the ones that disappoint us sooner or later (and usually sooner). And the ones that don't seem too impressive at first are often those who bear the most fruit. Never write someone off. I learned that a long time ago as a child, when I used to be singled out as the one who wasn't allowed to be in the company of others' children, considered as some sort of bad seed, I guess.

I've learned that in the growing season, it is often the seed that sprouts by itself, without being planted but rather just comes up from some remnant of the previous season, that proves to be the hardiest and most fruitful of all. It is usually found in some odd location where you don't particularly want it, but it deserves its berth because it is after all, a volunteer. It says, "This place perfectly suits me and I am thriving here. Stand back and watch me prove myself to you!" If you can keep others from mowing it down, you'll most likely get a lot of pleasant fruit from it. I have had pumpkins, cantaloupes and tomatoes galore from such volunteers. Something worth thinking about when one summarily dismisses another soul whom God has loved into existence.

Some more pics of the place....


  1. You've got so much room for gardening. Our condo is an end unit and I garden along the edges with beds facing east, north and west. I also have a little patio with some space. I mix flowers (annuals and perennials) with vegetables. :) love, annie

  2. I bet you are fitting quite a bit into those spaces. I do have a quarter acre, which by many standards is nothing, yet I found out that there are families in the third world who feed themselves for the year on their quarter acre plot, so I do appreciate what I have. Thanks for dropping by.


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