Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." Mt. 24:12

Praised be Jesus Christ in every tabernacle!

We have a new president and he has chosen the people with whom he wants to lead. We must pray for them, without fail, every day. At the same time, I will not seek to conform to any immoral laws and values in the name of unity. For what fellowship hath light with darkness?

Because sinful ideas, behavior, and governing are not named for what they are, we have been desensitized to what an affront and offense they pose to God, and I am only taking His Word for it!

Calling evil good, and good evil will soon destroy us if we continue to countenance such a stance. Every civilization before us that has relaxed its moral standards eventually succumbed to rot and collapsed in its own stench. "And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it." (Mt. 7:27).

Why do we call what is evil, good? I think it stems from inordinate desires and a lack of personal accountability. We redefine terms, so that we may have what we should not. Look at something as simple as knowing we cannot afford a house at X price, but grabbing it anyway through a "magical" mortgage. This act of personal irresponsibility, magnified by the thousands of such transactions has brought down an economy, which threatens to bring down our country and the rest of the world with it! The seedy uncle of this, credit card debt, moves the process speedily along.

We lived in apartments until we could afford a house that could be managed on one income. I never felt any shame in this. Why should I? Before WWII a goodly number of people, including the professional classes, lived in rented homes. I don't understand why it is shameful to rent but not so to take a mortgage on a house you cannot afford and then furnish it with items purchased with credit cards. And now that the house of cards has collapsed no one is asking the hard questions of those who were not personally accountable enough to live within their own means.

Another example of calling something evil good is the homosexual neurosis and the dangerous and lets just say, really negative sexual practices that it foments. There, I've said it and I'm calling it for what it is. We cannot continue to "make nice" about this. You can love who you want to, but its more than likely true that your feelings stem from either being seduced/molested as a young person or because of poor and inappropriate parenting from mom and/or dad. I am not mocking anyone here; I am sorry for the pain that these children were put through, and therefore do not think there is anything gay at all about having one's innocence stolen or being neglected or abused. That traumatized person needs help, love, compassion and healing, but they will not receive it because the gay lifestyle is lauded and admired, so no help can come to the hurting soul.

Let me be clear: Homosexuals are children of God whom He loves as much as the dearest saint. I said, however, that homosexual neurosis is evil, i.e. a bad thing with which some are sadly afflicted, and that homosexual practices are gravely disordered and inherently evil. Eventually, through health issues and a soul bereft of help, a person will break down, and when you legislate homosexuality to be normal behavior, legalize gay "marriage" and insist on indoctrinating children in the beauty of a homosexual lifestyle, it will bring down society.

There is, however, another reason for homosexual behavior. A more basic reason than those aforementioned, can be found in the pre-Judaeo-Christian pagan worldview. Heathen society considered that a man may pleasure himself with anyone or thing that he desires if he has power over them. So, in this case and as it is progressing today, homosexuality is a subset of this entitlement. This was standard practice in the world before Moses. The list of (perfectly acceptable) receptacles for a man's lust included wife, sister, slave girls, little boys, other men, sheep, goats, etc. Isn't that great? The Mosaic code created a startling and radical new way of living and relating, but now the old paganism has resurrected itself in the form of enlightened, compassionate progressivism. The role of woman and wife was elevated by the Law and the fulfillment of that law, Jesus Christ, but now, in the name of equal rights, women are being used, abused, dumped and left bereft of support by men whom they allow to do what they will with them. Satan himself must laugh at the irony that women have bought into this sorry bill of goods because they believe in feminism - "the empowering of women".

What is true of paganism in sexual practices was also true of the value of life itself in the "Old Religion" and finds its new incarnation growing insidiously in our own culture today. In the good old pagan worldview, a man may do whatever he wishes to anyone or thing under his control and authority. No surprise that human sacrifice abounded, with the even more titillating variation of sacrificing one's children on the fiery altar of the gods. In Rome as in other ancient communities, babies born with birth defects were brought down to the city dump and left there to die. (Interestingly, when the Christians came around they would go and rescue the babies and bring them home to raise up as their own).

In native American culture as in other pre-Christian cultures, the old and disabled were routinely put out of the camp to die. I do not know if the following was typical, nevertheless an incident occurred on land that is now within the city limits of my hometown, which is horrifying to contemplate. It seems a young Indian chief was trying to put distance between himself and his pursuing enemies. His aged mother had fled with him and his men. When he saw it was slow going, he instructed his braves to stop at that spot, and bury his mother alive so that her presence would no longer slow them down.

There's life without the light of Christ for you.

The old nature and its old religion put little value on the sanctity of life. Indeed, the Mosaic injunction of an "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" was actually an improvement over the heathen view that said, "You make me mad and I'll massacre your whole village".

Abortion, road rage, senseless violence, pornography, pedophilia, assisted suicide, deciding who should live based on their "quality of life", eugenics, all these are part of an ancient evil, man as a senseless brute, filling up his cup of iniquity and asking Satan to supersize it for him. No, we will not be accountable for ourselves, our finances, our part in building truly stable marriages, families and communities. No, give us bread and circuses, and above all, give us "change we can believe in".

May we wake up in time, cease the dialogue with darkness, speak the truth in love and may the Lord, in His mercy, bring revival to our land.

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