Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh yes, nothing like being fat, going to Britain, and eating apple pie with heavy cream all over it!! Could anyone tell I was American, I wonder? Thank goodness we were walking so much or Miss Fat would have come home Miss Fatter! Well, enough of all this overindulging, I Say!! But how? I've pondered this lately.

I even saw a silver lining in the cloud of the recent Wall Street unpleasantness, thinking I may be forced by circumstances to tighten my belt, but then the market rallied and I rallied myself and went to the supermarket. And repented of the sin of wishing for something calamitous to happen to get me and others to straighten up.

Seriously, I don't think this is a good witness, my being corpulent. Even worse than my bleached blonde hair. So with God's help, I am cutting down, and will do some walking every day. I am trying to remember what I ate when I weighed 120 lbs.
I remember I was hungry a lot but then I was too busy to dwell on it as much as now.

Maybe if we all could get a little busier, that would help. Of course, it seems that everyone is crazy busy these days, but at night I think people graze their evenings away, in leisure. I know that if we got busy to get to bed earlier that would eliminate most of the grazing. Well, that's a good theory and my answer to most of our problems. Go to bed early!!!!!!!!! You won't be grazing, using electricity and so much heat or cooling, you won't have that time to pick a fight with your spouse or provoke thy children to wrath, you will not be able to fill your head with all that garbage on TV or the Internet, and also won't be spending money on the goofy stuff they advertise there.

I always promote this theory because I am overtired when I write on this blog. Tonight I am going to bed early!!

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