Thursday, October 25, 2007


People are being led like sheep, to work more and more, to keep chasing material goods, and thereby enslaving themselves while their children suffer. Perhaps these natural disasters, and financial ones like the housing bust can somehow be turned into something good if they make people wake up to what is important and what is prudent.

Has anyone been to these psychiatric/therapy practices that work with children and adolescents? They are the most congested, busiest places on Earth.The misery is palpable. I had to visit one the other day for other reasons, and after surveying the overly-packed waiting room, I couldn't help but wonder how children have gotten so screwed up! For so many of them, their existence is punctuated by regular visits to psychiatrists for psychotropic medicine and therapists who are anything but therapeutic. The parents look frazzled and depressed. This is all so disgusting! How did this happen to us?

Sometimes I just want to go into the middle of the street and scream!! How dumb do people have to be to not know that a mother at home, a father who shepherds his family, kids who are disciplined but also allowed to run and play in the sunshine, and a family that honors God is the antidote to most of society's problems today??!!

I pray to God that the prices of these houses do come down so that young couples can afford to buy a house without having to sacrifice their family life. I really think that young adults are more ready to embrace a traditional lifestyle than most of the people in my age group, otherwise known as the nut jobs who currently run the world.

May God in His mercy, bring us back to sane living.

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  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Emmarinda, this is still our prayer and inside we are still screaming to be heard. I do hear and see some who are listenig though. You are not alone. Many of us are out there praying with you. Sarah


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