Thursday, January 25, 2007


For whatever reason, the feminist website I posted two articles on has decided to remove their entire forum. I am disappointed since I was hoping to at least get some kind of rebuttal. Have you heard the latest? Not only has Nancy Pelosi been hyping the part of her resume that talks about her being a mother and grandmother, but now Hillary is running for President "as a mother". Does anyone remember her disparaging the role of a stay-at-home wife and mother by saying she could have "stayed home and baked cookies, but....", but something like she chose to make her career her priority.

Of course both of these women are being lionized by the press for elevating the status of wife-hood and motherhood by abandoning their traditional roles. Conventional wisdom at its misguided best.


  1. Bummer that they removed the forum. And double ugh on Hillary.

  2. Sadly, we are just getting started hearing about these "heroic" mothers seeking to boss the entire country around. Hillary wants her eight years and Nancy could be here till the Lord comes back!!

  3. I honestly have a hard time think of average joe redneck voting for a woman. Never mind her politics, just the fact the she is female is enough to set some men off.

    The Rep. better put someone really good up, otherwise, I'm afraid we're all doomed. :) (end dramatic tone LOL)

  4. We should all be praying really hard for our country and our leaders; otherwise, we may end up with the leadership we deserve.


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